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This is to join the generations in the best way to help the world community to make earth a greater humane place. Connect with your true self. Curate, Research, Create, Preserve, Connect, Sensitize and Inspire lives to build a more just and compassionate world.

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Knowledge is the key and being informed is the best way to be empowered. Connect with your true self.Curate, Research,Create,Preserve, Connect,Sensitize and Inspire lives to build a more just and compassionate world…. Grow,Share and Enrich.


Specially designed Digital Media Workshops for Ayurveda and Wellness industry stakeholders, practitioners and enthusiasts. Continue reading “Twara”


Designed for new edge journalism, a Complete Digital Media training programme for young Journalists, Media students and Educators.  Continue reading “Neurons”


This is to explore and preserve the traditionally acquired knowledge, arts, cultures, lifestyle, traditions, languages & values. Continue reading “Gulluck”

Light Box

Designed as Digital Literacy Initiative. Courses and classes for quick learning. Customized for all including homemakers & seniors. Continue reading “Light Box”

Aparna S is on an environmental crusade

Kerala Girl Collects Discarded Bottles From Dirty Lake, Upcycles Them Into Decor! 23-year-old Aparna S is on an environmental crusade—one that brings craft and conservation under a single umbrella. Right from childhood, craft had always intrigued Aparna S. A resident of Munroe Thuruthu in Kollam,

Billionaire Promises to Reward 70-Year-old Woman Who Walked 10 Miles to Help Cyclone Victims

Currently ranked as one of the richest people in Africa by Forbes, Masiyiwa and his company have been leading the emergency response effort to provide aid to the regions afflicted by the cyclone. Upon reading Dilon’s story on social media, the tech mogul vowed to reward her for her efforts.