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LiiFii Fellowship programme is an open ended programme.

Different ideas,projects and proposals are considered to award different fellowships and grants.To empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature,culture,values and innovations we have distinct fellowship programs.
Duration, amount and outcome is considered accordingly.

Young Researchers,Creative Professionals, New age executives,Students, Working or Non-working individuals – anyone who has an idea to serve the society through knowledge based activity may apply to be an associate or fellow.

Fixed term programmes’ duration varies from 6 weeks to 11 months. A fixed amount is given to the selected fellows and a certificate is awarded at the end of the programme under this category. Internship with likeminded org

Projects in the area of research & development to preserve the traditionally acquired knowledge, cultures, traditions, languages, values, ethos, art & other related things including food, living, lifestyle,environment, science, technology, craft, commerce etc are considered under separate category.

Cultural exchange,Digital literacy,Senior living and Bridge-building between Generations are some of the core areas where fellows are considered to take part in various short term prgrammes.

Fixed term programmes are announced every year in July-August with closing date. We assess applications and if shortlisted, respond within 21 working days. If any application has not been shortlisted, an email communication is sent from us.

Interested may contact us.