Designed as Digital Literacy Initiative. Courses and classes for quick learning. Customized for all including homemakers & seniors.

Digital Literacy Initiatives are done under Light Box programme.

Short term courses and classes for quick learning is arranged for all age groups.  Young enthusiasts and experts share firsthand experience and give the lessons. Such quick courses cover many useful subjects for novice as well as avid users of internet technology. Housewives, Retired elders, Kids and young professionals are mainly focused under Light Box.

Some highlights and the themes of quick lessons covered under Light Box are –

  • Using a Computer or Mobile Device
  • Using Software and Apps
  • Communicating on the Web
  • Building Digital Communities
  • Tools for Small Business
  • Mobile Photography
  • Social Media and Blogging
  • Living Life Online (Booking, Chatting, Shopping, Banking and so on)
  • Avoiding Phishing Scams
  • Cyber Security
  • Financial Tutorials
  • Child Online Protection
  • Safe search and research
  • Google Search Basics
  • Healthy Web Surfing
  • Domains, E-mail, design and Hosting
  • Think. Click. Be safe.


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